Thursday, 8 January 2009


Since the blog began I have had several suggestions and requests made for various games to review. To make it a bit easier for readers to leave some comments please feel free to use this section of the blog for any improvements you would like to see, general questions or games that you think need a review.


Code Name: Viper - SuperFamiKing - Purchased and waiting review


Anonymous said...


Could you elaborate on the differences between the Mattel version of the Nintendo NES made in the UK and the NES version which followed later? Also, do you have a price guide for rare nintendo stuff?


Lorfarius said...

Mattel were responsible for providing the system and games in the early days of the NES. Only differences I know of is that some Mattel games don't like the later NES systems, couldn't say which though.

I don't have a price guide as such as it's pretty impossible to say on NES games as they jump about so much these days. However I'm currently in the middle of creating a NES PAL website (have a look at one of my last blog posts for a link to my Youtube channel for more info) filled with all sorts of lists, guides, reviews etc etc