Friday, 5 December 2008

Miracle Piano Teaching System

Before I start I know this isn’t a game! It’s a nifty bit of software that teaches kid’s how to play the piano via their NES. The reason I bring it up is because a chap from work overheard me mumbling about NES games and said he had a few stashed away in the attic. The very next day he dropped a copy of this in my lap with an apology as they had binned the keyboard (and the rest of his carts) many moons ago. What I was left with was a cart in excellent condition and a large pullout A3 Miracle Piano poster which I presume was some sort of original advertising. A quick glance on eBay shows it to be one of the rarer titles, even more so when the Keyboard is intact (as much as £100 in some cases)

I couldn’t get it to work properly with the pad so I had to rely on information from the internet to dig any deeper. With the Keyboard plugged in it seems you can play a couple of games with hitting the right notes resulting in an action on screen. The first game is Roboman where every correct note results in a bridge being laid correctly and the second is simply duck shooting. Each right note hitting a duck and scoring points. That’s about all I could find out but it’s an interesting curio to own though I do wonder if the A3 poster is worth more than the actual cart as I can't imagine it appears in the wild often. NES game trades anyone!


Famicom Freak said...

Kewl cart and so minty that's a great find!

Lorfarius said...

Just a shame i couldn't get my hands on the keyboard :(