Sunday, 24 July 2016

My NES Books & Magazines

Over the years I have been developed and been involved in creating several books based on the NES. From magazines to complete compendiums.

NES-Bit Magazine System was the first 2 publications I created and both are currently available on Amazon.

NES-Bit Magazine System Volume 1

Originally a community created retro magazine to celebrate everything NES. Consisting of various articles, reviews and a unique glimpse into the world of the Nintendo Entertainment system.

With 36 NES packed pages covering:

Power Glove Import Special
Nintendo History
Super Mario Bros/Wizard movie reviews
The Holy Grails of NES collecting
NES Homebrews

And much, much more!

Volume 1 available here

NES-Bit Magazine System Volume 2

Consisting of various articles, reviews and a unique glimpse into the world of the Nintendo Entertainment System.  The second issue is packed with over 60 pages of content! Highlights include:

R.O.B The Robot
Castlevania (Cover) Special - A look at the NES series and some of its unique stand out points
A look at some of the NES's classic Shooters
8bit wars - Classic systems go head to head
Legend of Zelda Special
Japanese Imports

And much more inside!

Volume 2 available here

NES-Bit Compendium

After producing several magazines and retro gaming books, Keith Lutener takes you on a journey through the NES catalogue.

Exploring games of yesteryear as well as talking to the developers who helped bring you these games. Add to this a selection of handy guides including instructions on how to properly care for your NES.

Packed with over 200 pages of reviews, developer/programmer interviews and articles the NES-Bit Compendium offers something for every Nintendo Entertainment System fan. Even dabbling into the world of Nintendo at the movies with the epically known Super Mario Bros. movie!

NES-Bit Compendium Available here

Feel free to leave comments if you read any of the above, even better if you could drop a review on Amazon itself as it helps the books get seen! 


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