Saturday, 18 October 2008

Darkwing Duck

Darkwing Duck was a title I had played back in the day. I couldn’t remember much about it besides it was another platformer and a generally good game. After reading a bit more about it on Rllmukforum I thought I would take the plunge and buy a copy. However prices at the time were silly in most cases, one chap was flogging a cart on it’s own for £30 at EBay. Imagine my surprise when I saw a copy being sold for just £1.50! It was only the cart but had a Buy It Now so I just had to grab it quick.

You start the game trying to stop some local villains from taking over DD’s city. The map screen starts with a side on view with 3 hot spots for you to save, more are unlocked as you progress. Each hot spot consists of a level with a construction yard, city streets etc that ends with a boss to fight. Where this really shines is DD’s ability of grasping the base of stuff like a roof saving you from falling to your death, a cape that can be used quickly for cover and the changeable weapons. Most are a bit useless but its fun to zap the enemies with a bit of lightning once in a while.

The levels are designed quite well with nothing being too taxing however the bosses more than hold up their own and I found myself stuck from time to time. I didn’t get round to completing the game though I expect one rainy Saturday afternoon I will push through to the end.
Reading up on the game and it seems it uses the original Megaman engine perhaps even having the same number of bosses. All I’m left with is another Bond type theme digging into my brain all day long. Damn, why do these titles tunes have to be so catchy? I can't help saying DD's catchprase "lets get dangerous" to myself repeatedly.

I think I need a rest from platformers so it’s onto something different for my next entry.

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Anonymous said...

You commented on 30 euro about 36 usd being pricey you've began collecting to wrong thing my friend cause that's generally a low price some of the rarer games are 100 - 500 usd