Thursday, 16 October 2008

Mega Man 2

Super Mario Bros put me in the mood for some more platform fun so I thought what better way than to look towards the Megaman series. With the recent release of Megaman 9 on all the current gen consoles it seemed only appropriate to be pay a visit to one of the early games.

I won’t lie; Megaman 9 is hard, very hard. Even attempting one of the so called easy levels I had problems so I started to view MM2 as training for 9. MM2 seems to have an easier learning curve and from the few quick plays I attempted it seemed more than possible to beat a few of the bosses with the plain old mega buster weapon. I was able to blast my way through 2 bosses without much effort and with a total of 8 before the evil Dr Wily was faced I decided to take my time.

Over the course of a few days I decided I would complete 1 or 2 bosses to stretch it out; thankfully the game comes with a password selection system. Based on a grid where you insert big red dots its actually quite easy to input codes with none of the messing about selecting numbers and letters that some games require.

The bosses work by each having their own special weapon. Woodman for instance has a leaf shield that surrounds and can be flung at the player, once defeated you can equip the weapon to use for yourself with the idea being that each boss weapon is strong against another.

The game can be frustrating in places with a few tricky platforming sections but it has that special something that makes you want to have just one more go. I think I will be returning to future Megaman games on the NES as I believe they go up to 5! It would probably do my bank balance a favour too as the Megaman games aren’t the cheapest of titles to buy; this alone cost me close to £8 via EBay with the 5th game reaching as much as £15 in some cases. However I’ll give this series a rest for now as there’s a lot more games to play.


Anonymous said...

There are 6 Megaman games on the NES :)

Lorfarius said...

6?!?! I thought 5 was too many! ThankGod I dont have to complete them all for this blog :D

deKay said...

There are 6, yes, but the 6th wasn't released in the UK: