Friday, 17 October 2008


Just a brief look at Capcom’s output from the NES era and it seems they were truly the leaders of 3rd party platformers back in the day. At least that’s what Disney must have thought when they signed over the rights to some of their best selling TV shows. Even I can remember the TV adventures of Scrooge McDuck and his nephews. This game doesn’t disappoint as it drops you right into the middle of the action, choosing from several treasure hunt locations it’s up to you to make the old geezer richer, finding treasure along the way. Thanks to Megaman 2 I was really in the mood for another Capcom game and after a bit of web trawling this seemed to be the perfect title to try next.

The game plays well and the controls are pretty precise feeling similar to Megaman 2. The main difference being there is no choice of weapons this time and Scrooge throws himself around the levels bouncing on his walking stick. I hope I’m half as active come his age!
One part that did stand out for me was a brief encounter with Scrooge’s nephews in the mines level.

All 3 are sat in a mine cart waiting for their Uncle to come along. In you jump and send the cart hurtling along, only to jump out at the last minute to avoid some rocks and send the poor kids hurtling into the pit beneath. Social Services eat your heart out.

“Duck tales a whoo hoo” Probably one of the catchiest yet annoying theme tunes of all time and it’s plastered all over the main menu. I couldn’t help but spend all day at work humming the damn thing either. Overall I really enjoyed Ducktales, there’s something captivating about bouncing around on a big wooden stick, killing gorillas with abandon. This is also available cheaply on EBay, managed to get a copy for just £2!


deKay said...

8bit platformers (especially Disney ones) tended to be better than the 16bit variants. Castle of Illusion on the Master System is waaaay better than the Megadrive version. Duck Tales is ace, Quackshot is rubbish.

You need to get hold of Chip 'n' Dale: Rescue Rangers too, by the way.

Lorfarius said...

I loved Quackshot! Granted it was really easy but the use of that plunger was always a laugh.

Chip n Dale is on my to buy list as I've heard good things about it. So ill be adding it to the collection soon enough.