Monday, 27 October 2008

NES Wish List

Having played various NES games and spotting the odd peripheral that’s been for sale on EBay I think two really stand out for me. They are the Power glove and Aladdin Deck Enhancer. Since watching the Wizard I can only sit back and imagine how truly awesome it must be to wear the Power glove showing how bad I can be with it on...

As for the Aladdin Deck Enhancer I can hardly wait to play the exclusive Dizzy game that comes with it but I’m not too sure about the Quattro sports pak that’s also available.

I’ve also been giving some thought into importing a Sharp Twin Famicom. Basically this is a unit capable of playing Famicom and Famicom Disk System games in one unit. Though a lot of games would suffer from the Japanese language barrier, it was from a time where the majority of games didn’t really require much reading and so should be quite easy to play. It’s just a matter of finding one that doesn’t cost over £100!

Edit. The itch was too great to bare. I've just been and bought a Twin Famicom from Japan and its flying its way over as I type. Will do a full write up with plenty of pics when it gets here!


JennandTyler said...

I recently bought a Twin Famicom in Akihabara. It is truly awesome! Pics of mine can be found on flickr. Just search for my name Tyler.Emmott and you can see my haul from Japan. It was difficult not spending more while I was at Super Potato.

Lorfarius said...

I'll be doing a full writeup on the console once it arrives but I simply couldn't resist buying games for it. The chap I bought from was selling about 30 different games, each for around £2 a time! I bought most of his stock and will be returning for more in the near future :)